OEM  & Logistics : Enable 100% automated car fleet quality controls

Leading AI-based damage inspection designed for logistics services providers
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Tchek combines AI-based imaging technology with specialized expertise in the automotive industry. OEM & logistics actors can intensify and improve their inspection process thanks to Tchek’s AI.

Supporting various

Our declarative, resilient and enterprise-grade platform scales in tandem with your organization’s rapid expansion.

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Sell & Buy

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Buy UV

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Quality Inspection

Avoid repetitive and time-consuming processes

Pre-inspection and quality control

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Integrate quickly with your current processes

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Inspect large batches of cars automatically 

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Avoid inaccurate inspections in your quality controls

B2B & B2C flows

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Automate the check-in process NV - UV (detect & estimate) and select B2B or B2C process flows

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"Tchek is much better than I am at detecting any type of bump. It allows me to spot damage I wouldn't have seen otherwise."

Our specialized solutions for OEM and logistics companies

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Examine car damage and deliver accurate repair costs or vehicle value.
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Capture, edit and publish high-quality car photos.
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